3D printed case for the FHT80b

You may agree the original casing from ELV for the FHT80b control unit has not been designed by Apple.

FHT80b front view

As we were planning to give the living room a make over I wanted a different enclosure for my FHT80b. Using at this time Google’s (now Trimble’s) SketchUp http://sketchup.google.com I created an alternative casing for the unit.

FHT80b SketchUp

When the time was come to have my 1st 3D print created, I used the service of http://i.materialise.com to get the design printed.

FHT80b printed case frontFHT80b printed case back

I am really satisfied with the 1st trial run, the original FHT80b PCB fits nicely into the print, the LCD unit (missing in the picture) is sitting to tight, which needs to be adopted with the next revision. All the buttons are working, the details around the turn wheel need a remake and overall the case is to short by 5 mm (in the area of the battery connector).