Media Wall

As my HomeAutomation was growing, the amount of cables and other clutter around the TV set and the AV receiver was growing even faster.

It was time to find a different solution! I wanted it clean and simple, but did not want to make compromises to the amount of technical gadgets (and their potential growth).

The solution for me was a media wall which would host TV set, Mac mini , Apple TV and the AV receiver in front of it and everything else would be hidden behind the wall. It should also provide some capabilities to have a fancy background light.

Storage shelf

As the storage for the equipment behind the wall I decided to go for a very simple shelf from the DIY store.

Some of the items in the picture did not make it into the final set-up, but nevertheless the amount of cable and devices was making a real mess behind the TV rack.

dry wall construction

As a next step we were building a construction of dry walls around the shelf.

OSB board layer

To ensure that the wall will be able to support also larger TV sets the initial layer was created out of OSB boards.

Final layout

Followed by a layer from plasterboards and a trial run with the final equipment. The media wall has a distance from around 25 cm from the back wall. Access to the storage shelf is possible from the left side whereas the right side is completely closed

With wall-paper

Almost complete, now with wall-paper.

Night view

Finally this is how it looks like at night and with the LEDs on. It turned out that this color is actually our favorite, and despite the fact we could change it via the HomeAutomation system we only do it once in a while.