Enclosure for the Raspberry Pi

Now with the arrival of my Raspberry Pi scheduled for Monday November 26th 2012, it was a perfect timing for the delivery of the casing.

Raspberry Pi casing parts

Raspberry Pi casing

The tolerances of the parts seem to be a bit too low, I was reading on Amazon that quite a few people managed to break off some of the clips while putting the parts together. I will try to modify the parts slightly to make them fit better, before finally assembling it.

With this delivery everything is in place for the Raspberry Pi. The SD Card is loaded with the latest Raspbian image and all wires are ready to be hooked up to the Pi.

Defective weather sensor

My weather sensor (OC-3) seems to be broken, humidity is constantly reported at 99%, as you can see here http://weather.appco.de . I checked Google for potential solutions and found someone who renewed some soldering points to get it working again.

I will send it back to the manufacturer to get it replaced as the sensor is still covered from the warranty.

Maybe this is a good chance to add a solar panel to get rid of the batteries.

Re-design of the HomeAutomation board

It turned out that the original layout of the HomeAutomation Board was far from perfect. From time to time I needed access to the USB hub to pull out or plug in an USB extension. This was almost impossible as the USB hub was located to far behind the wall. After fiddling around for quite some time I decided to give the whole board a re-design.

HomeAutomation Board

The key difference is now that the USB hub is the 1st item on the board when you try to access it. Which turns out to work perfectly. Especially as I will start my experiments on the Raspberry Pi with the CUL device which is during normal operations connected to the USB hub on the board.