FHT8v direct control

IMPORTANT: only works with CUL V3 or newer and culfw Version 1.30 or newer!

TFHT protocol (static T)T
HHHHHousecode hexadecimal12342. room 1334; 3. room 1434 etc. Increment 1st byte by one.
DDValve number hexadecimal (up to 8 devices per room)00All valves in a room are addressed
01Valve 1
02Valve 2
CCCommand2fDevice pairing command
A6Open valve to value VV % (8bits hexadecimal)
VVValue000% or pairing commandDesired valve position * 255 / 100 = decimal value.
Convert the decimal value into the hexadecimal value.

EXAMPLE: T123400A64C opens all valves in room 1234 to 30%.

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