Adafruit T-Cobbler

One great feature of the Raspberry Pi is the extendability via the GPIO pins. I’m using a case around the Pi, while this is a good solution to avoid issues with shortcut circuits on the other hand the access to the GPIO is more complicated and involves in almost all cases disassembling the enclosure. Luckily I found the solution for me on the website, the Adafruit Pi T-Cobbler Breakout Kit for Raspberry Pi.

As the title says the T-Cobbler comes as a kit.
Adafruit T-Cobbler Kit

The kit includes a 26 pin ribbon cable, a custom PCB, ribbon cable socket and header pins.
Adafruit T-Cobbler Kit unpacked

A closer look at the PCB shows how nicely the cobbler transfers the GPIOs to the breadboard. For me this better overview is the major advantage of the T-Cobbler over the standard cobbler from Adafruit. Please also note that the changes between the Raspberry Generation 1 and Generation 2 are reflected properly [PIN #21 (v1) vs PIN #27 (v2)].
T-Cobbler PCB

I started the soldering with the ribbon cable socket and used some sticky tape to keep it in the correct position.
T-Cobbler soldering

Then I connected the Header Pins to the breadboard and soldered the PCB to them.
T-Cobbler soldering 2

Finally I took apart the enclosure (hopefully for the last time) and connected the GPIOs of the Raspberry with the ribbon cable to the cobbler and than to the breadboard.
Raspberry Pi Breadboard

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