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After a while I was a bit unhappy with the reliability of the FS20 <-> io-homecontrol® system I had created. I was looking for alternatives and found it in the HM-LC-SW4-PCB, which is a HomeMatic 4 channel switch. If you buy it as a kit it is available for 29,95 € per unit. The soldering was no problem at all with the included instructions. The principle is quite the same as with the F20 switches, I always connected two Velux remotes to one HomeMatic switch.


As HomeMatic is using a bi-directional protocol the reliability of the whole system increased significantly.

Now the shutters are being closed automatically at sun-set and are opened up at sun-rise. If the sun rises before 07:00 CE(S)T the shutters will stay closed until 07:00, this helps getting enough sleep during the summer period.

IMPORTANT NOTE: do not open the shutters in the bedroom on weekends automatically, trust me!

2 thoughts on “Move to HomeMatic

  1. Hi,

    great article. I’m looking for solution how to connect HomeMatic and Velux for a while.

    So If I get this correct you then connect shutters 1,2 to k1 for up and to k2 for down and so on…

    Is this correct. Is the same for open and close window?

    Thank you for answer.

    • Hi,

      when you look at the Velux remotes you see for each of the three buttons (up, stop and down) on the PCB a copper circle and a copper point in the middle. On each remote I soldered one cable to the copper in the middle and one cable to the copper circle for both the up and the down button. The two cables of each button are then connected to K1 for up, for K2 for down.
      For the Velux electrical windows it works the same way.


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