FHT8v direct control

IMPORTANT: only works with CUL V3 or newer and culfw Version 1.30 or newer!

TFHT protocol (static T)T
HHHHHousecode hexadecimal12342. room 1334; 3. room 1434 etc. Increment 1st byte by one.
DDValve number hexadecimal (up to 8 devices per room)00All valves in a room are addressed
01Valve 1
02Valve 2
CCCommand2fDevice pairing command
A6Open valve to value VV % (8bits hexadecimal)
VVValue000% or pairing commandDesired valve position * 255 / 100 = decimal value.
Convert the decimal value into the hexadecimal value.

EXAMPLE: T123400A64C opens all valves in room 1234 to 30%.

Raspberry Pi as HomeAutomation server

Finally my Raspberry Pi has arrived and I want to use it as the server for the perl based HomeAutomation server fhem http://fhem.de/fhem.html.

Therefore my Pi has been upgraded with a micro USB WLAN stick and a CUL device from Busware http://busware.de/tiki-index.php?page=CUL running culfw http://culfw.de/culfw.html

Raspberry Pi overview

For the fhem set-up I followed the installation instruction as described under http://www.fhemwiki.de/wiki/Raspberry_Pi and this worked like a charm

The installation of the culfw firmware was a bit more tricky, but with the following steps I was able to flash the CUL to the latest version.

Download the firmware
sudo wget http://culfw.de/culfw-1.46.tar.gz
and unpack it
sudo tar -zxvf culfw-1.46.tar.gz

Change into your device directory (e.g. Devices/CUL)
cd /home/pi/CUL_VER_146/culfw/Devices/CUL
Install the package dfu-programmer
sudo apt-get install dfu-programmer
Insert the device into the USB slot while pressing the micro-switch
Finally execute
sudo make usbprogram_v3 V3 to be used for CUL V3.
After flashing the CUL, a new USB device should appear: “03eb:204b Atmel Corp.”. If not re-insert the device without pressing the micro-switch.

The server is now up and running since several days.  For the time being the server is just listening to the FS20 traffic in the air and logs it.


I’m using the S300TH temperature/humidity sensor in the working room for test purposes and got myself a FHT80TF-2 door/window sensor and a FHT8v electric valve controller as test devices.

Breadboard and test devices

I want to control the FHT8v directly from this server without the need to use the FHT80b device which is originally intended to steer the valve controller. Normally this should be straight forward but a first test was not successful. I will publish the results once I have it running.